What our happy clients are saying:

I have been part of conservation projects where ArtWorks are the contractor for over four years.

ArtWorks Conservation work around your schedule, collect and drop off material so the daily running of the museum is not greatly interrupted. They listen to your concerns, and ensure that the material is conserved to best practise standards and work within the constraints of the available budget and storage area.

During our recent storage project, a number of options were researched and presented and all I had to do was decide on one. This greatly decreased the time I would have had to invest in the project.

I am very happy with the service provided by ArtWorks Conservation and will return to them again.

Oonagh Quigley,
Subiaco Museum

You have had some fantastic feedback regarding the work that you did on the plaques.  They now take pride of place in our front foyer.

Kate Redden,
Shire of Ashburton